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Black Forest

The black forest indulgence tour

When you think about the Black Forest the only thing that pops into your mind is the famous black forest cake? You're in for a surprise! Our team will introduce you to the art and culture of the Black Forest, show you its scenic treasures and breathtaking views, tell you about the life and work on the lonely black forest farms and give you an insight into today's leisure culture and wind energy installations. We can also arrange tours according to your wishes. Are you interested in typical Black Forest products? We can organise visits and tastings in local cheese factories, schnapps distilleries or breweries, lead you to old-fashioned glass huts or to local watchmaking workshops or take you on a hike through unique natural landscapes. Duration: max. 8 hours Price: from 250 €
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Are    you    looking    for    something different   or   out   of   the   ordinary   to do   in   Freiburg?   We   are   a   group   of qualified    local    Guides    and    our speciality     is     the     lively     city     of Freiburg.    Our    style?    We    like    to take      a      friendly,      enthusiastic approach   to   tours,   sharing   plenty of   anecdotes   (and   the   odd   glass of wine) along the way!