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City tours in Freiburg - Welcome!

Small   groups,   young   dedicated   guides,   and   lots   of   fun   await   you   on   our   guided   tours.   You'll experience   Freiburg   in   a   special   way   with   us:   We'll   tell   you   some   fascinating   stories,   explore   the charming   "olde   worlde"   streets   and   lanes   with   you   and   introduce   you   to   some   of   the   local wines. Our motto says it all: Discover Freiburg! . Culture   and   cuisine   -   a   perfect   combination   that   will   surely   create   lasting   memories.   Whatever your plans are for the rest of your stay in Freiburg, a guided tour is an excellent way to start.
Our   culinary   tasting   tours   to   Freiburg's   daily   farmers'   market   are proving   to   be   a   real   winner   amongst   tourists   and   locals   alike.   Your eyes   and   ears   are   in   for   a   real   treat   and   you'll   also   get   to   taste   some of the culinary delights this region is so famous for! We   are   very   flexible   and   can   offer   you   a   wide   range   of   guided   city and culinarey tours as well as trips to Freiburg’s surrounding areas.
Are    you    looking    for    something different   or   out   of   the   ordinary   to do   in   Freiburg?   We   are   a   group   of qualified    local    Guides    and    our speciality     is     the     lively     city     of Freiburg.    Our    style?    We    like    to take      a      friendly,      enthusiastic approach   to   tours,   sharing   plenty of   anecdotes   (and   the   odd   glass of wine) along the way!