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Bächle, Bobbele and the praying devil

Freiburg classic tour

Discover with us the “praying devil”, “black Berthold” and the “knackige Rote” (Freiburg’s famous red sausage). During our entertaining tour through the historic inner city you will visit Freiburg’s most important landmarks and hear stories about the "Bobbele" and their city. Join us as we follow Freiburg’s “Bächle”  (small waterways) to stately townhouses such as the „Haus zum Whalfisch“ and magnificent buildings such as the city's “Historisches Kaufhaus” (Historical Department Store) and the "green Rathaus” (City Hall). On weekday mornings we stroll through the picturesque farmer's market and visit Freiburg's famous medieval landmark, the Münster Cathedral. This tour is available as a group booking. Organised groups may choose to begin the tour at one of several central locations. Both the start time and duration of the tour can be adjusted to suit a particular group's requirements. For a quote please feel free to contact us with your preferred tour dates and an approximate number of participants Tour length: approx. 1 1/2 hours Fee: from 109 € (for a group of up to 30 people)
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Are    you    looking    for    something different   or   out   of   the   ordinary   to do   in   Freiburg?   We   are   a   group   of qualified    local    Guides    and    our speciality     is     the     lively     city     of Freiburg.    Our    style?    We    like    to take      a      friendly,      enthusiastic approach   to   tours,   sharing   plenty of   anecdotes   (and   the   odd   glass of wine) along the way!