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Freiburg is not only a city with amazing sights but also many hidden alleyways and charming shops. Some are even so well hidden that not even tour guides know about their existence ... ! Whether fashion, accessories or culinary delights - discover the "pearls of Freiburg" with us in the most beautiful streets of Freiburg.  Tour length: approx. 2 hours Fee: from 25 € (including 19% VAT) per Person including a drink and snack Bookable for groups of 8+ people
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Are    you    looking    for    something different   or   out   of   the   ordinary   to do   in   Freiburg?   We   are   a   group   of qualified    local    Guides    and    our speciality     is     the     lively     city     of Freiburg.    Our    style?    We    like    to take      a      friendly,      enthusiastic approach   to   tours,   sharing   plenty of   anecdotes   (and   the   odd   glass of wine) along the way!